5 Maio, 2023

SI Productive Innovation

The SI Productive Innovation measure allows financing of innovative operations that result in the production of tradable and internationalizable goods and services with high added value […]
8 Fevereiro, 2023
Incentive system - Research and Technological Development, programmer on laptop

Incentive system – Research and Technological Development

The Research & Technological Development support measure aims to finance projects with innovative technological solutions that originate new products or services, in the experimental phase, that […]
31 Janeiro, 2023
Internationalization via E-commerce, man on laptop

Internationalization via E-Commerce

This incentive allows companies to get financial support for direct presence in online channels, such as creating online stores, adhering to marketplaces or developing online promotion […]
24 Janeiro, 2023
Support for entrepreneurship, entrepreneur working

Support for entrepreneurship

To support the entrepreneurship of projects still in the planning phase and Startups already constituted, the “Linha ADN STARTUP” is available.  It is a credit line […]
24 Janeiro, 2023
Support for tourism activities, girl reading map

Support for tourism activities

Turismo de Portugal’s “ Qualificação da oferta ” helpline is intended for tourism projects based: – in the requalification and repositioning of enterprises, establishments, and activities, […]
16 Outubro, 2018
Vouchers for startups, entrepreneur on computer

Vouchers for Startups

The Vouchers para Startups – Novos Produtos Verdes e Digitais – are financial support programs for startups in green and digital areas, in the amount of […]
16 Outubro, 2018

Internationalization incentive system

What is it? It is a public measure, integrated in Portugal2020, which aims to strengthen the business capacity of SMEs through the development of their qualification […]
16 Outubro, 2018

Productive Innovation

Support line for companies’ production systems. Investment stimulus to promote business innovation in the production of new goods and services and adoption of new manufacturing processes […]